About Us

The North Dakota Pipeline Authority (NDPA) is a non-regulatory agency that specializes in providing data analytics and production forecasting for the transportation and processing industry in North Dakota.

The NDPA was created in 2007 for the purpose of diversifying and expanding the North Dakota economy by facilitating development of pipeline facilities to support the production, transportation, and utilization of North Dakota energy-related commodities. NDPA statute can be found in Chapter 54-17.7 of the North Dakota Century Code.


Who regulates or approves North Dakota’s Pipelines?

As a non-regulatory agency, the NDPA is required to direct all regulatory questions and feedback to the appropriate state and/or federal organizations.

Depending on the type of pipeline and its location, North Dakota’s pipeline industry may be overseen by one or more of the organizations listed below.

Please contact each agency for more information on their jurisdiction of the pipeline industry.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

U.S. Department of Transportation-Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration-Office of Pipeline Safety

United States Army Corp of Engineers Omaha District

North Dakota Public Service Commission

North Dakota Department of Health

North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources – Oil and Gas Division

Environmental Protection Agency

North Dakota Department of Emergency Services

(Other local, state, or federal agencies may apply depending on the scope of the project)